SuiLaunch X AptosLaunch IBO (Initial Bond Offering) Announcement

6 min readMay 9, 2023


From day1, AptosLaunch has always committed to provide premier launchpad solutions to the Move ecosystem, and with our success in the Aptos Space, we are now bringing our expertise, connections and experience into the Sui Space.

Powered by AptosLaunch, SuiLaunch( is the first protocol, exclusively for the Sui Blockchain, to provide a secure, transparent, and decentralized way for project creators to raise liquidity and community to back innovative projects.

Key Facts on SuiLaunch:

  • Powered by the AptosLaunch Team
  • Engineered with AptosLaunch’s Core Tech
  • Insurance Feature and $SLT staking rewards is double of $ALT
  • 100K+ Twitter & 80K+ Discord from the AptosLaunch Community & more
  • Able to Bond in $ALT, both locked & unlocked to get $SLT
  • Fair Community Launch, no early investors, no unnecessary lock up periods — everyone is on the same playing field.

SuiLaunch Tiers & Insurance

With our success from AptosLaunch, SuiLaunch will follow a similar Tier system that is tailored for Sui projects.

Ensured Whitelist

Users only need to possess a specific number of SLT tokens in accordance with the appropriate tiers; otherwise, the procedure has been streamlined to give all SLT token holders the most customized Launchpad experience possible. Users only need to enter their Sui wallet address for the whitelist when a new project on SuiLaunch launches, and allocations will be guaranteed based on how many SLT tokens they have in their possession.

SuiLaunch Tiers System

Users will be divided into tiers based on the quantity of SLT tokens they possessed in order to ensure a fair distribution; holders in the higher tiers will have greater advantages, such as the ability to participate in early rounds and receive allocations of a larger size. Depending on the project, either a lottery system or first come, first served may apply. Every project is unique.

First Come First Serve (FCFS)

The actual sales of projects will run on a First Come First Serve (FCFS) basis for the whitelisted participants following the tiers. For example, Silver members can take part in Silver round and the following rounds (Bronze, Public), whereas Gold members can take part in Gold round and the following rounds (Silver, Bronze, Public). This tier system is implemented to guarantee fairness in the distribution of IDO/IEO tokens so that all participants may easily obtain them without a single party obtaining a high percentage of supply, prevent the system from being gamed, and boost the value of SLT tokens.

Lottery — basis allocation

The actual sales of projects will run on a Lottery-basis for the whitelisted participants following the tiers. For example, the more SLT tokens a user has, the higher the tier the user is allocated to, the more lottery tickets the user can claim, the higher the allocation the user has.


One of the most amazing features at AptosLaunch is our insurance feature, where we have helped all our launchpad participants to protect their principal capital when backing launchpad projects. SuiLaunch will follow the same insurance principle and tech, so our community can invest in our launchpad projects with conviction. For more information on the insurance feature at

SuiLaunch Token ($SLT) Initial Bond Offering (IBO)

At AptosLaunch, we are always committed to innovating new launchpad solutions for our community, and we are launching the SuiLaunch Token (SLT) with our new product — Initial Bond Offering (IBO).

How does IBO work?

The SuiLaunch IBO is going to be conducted using AptosLaunch’s Vesting Swap Technology (

Users will be able to bond in the following assets in return for $SLT:

  • $ALT
  • $APT
  • $USDT
  • $ALT/$SLT LP Tokens

Here is an example demonstrating how it works:

For example

  • The $ALT/$SLT Bonding rate is 1:10 (The Bonding Rate changes after each batch finishes.)
  • The lockup period is 7 days and each epoch time is 6 hours, which means there will be 28 epochs in total
  1. A user uses 1000 $ALT to purchase SLT via the Vesting Swap Function with the Bonding Rate at 1 $ALT : 10 $SLT.
  2. The total expected tokens received will be 10,000 $SLT.
  3. 10,000 SLT will be released to the user across the lockup period; 7 days. There will be a total of 28 epochs for the next 7 days. Each epoch time is 6 hours.
  4. The user will be receiving 357.14 SLT per epoch, which means 1428.57 tokens a day for the next 7 days.
  5. Note* Once you have swapped the ALT for the discounted SLT using the Vesting Swap Function, you will not able swap back using the Vesting Swap Function, but you can swap back to $ALT in the $ALT/$SLT pool.

This has not been done in the launchpad space before and it ensures fair opportunities for everyone in the community — no early investors, no unnecessary lock periods, no asymmetric information — a fair, decentralized, innovation launch method.

SuiLaunch IBO Schedule & Tokenomics

Initial Bond Offering (IBO) Schedule & Price & Limit

SuiLaunch Initial Bond Offering is an ongoing launchpad experience, and it will lasts longer than the typical IDO. Here are the main characteristics of the $SLT IBO:

  • There are 60 Rounds for users to participate. All Bonding Rounds’ Bonding Rates are based on the ratio of $ALT/$SLT.
  • The First Round’s limit is 10,000 USD, once the contributed token value amount exceeds 10,000 USD, the round terminates and moves on to the next round. The Second Round’s limit will be 10,200 USD. The Third Round’s limit will be 10,400 USD and so on, until the 60th Round finishes . By the 60th Round, the limit will be 21,800 USD.
  • The First Round Bonding Rate will be 1 $ALT to 10 $SLT.(SLT Price in ALT = 0.1). The Second Round Bonding Rate will be 1 $ALT to 9.8039 $SLT (SLT Price in ALT = 0.102). The Third Round Bonding Rate will be 1 $ALT to 9.6154 $SLT (SLT Price in ALT = 0.104) and so on, until the 60th Round finishes. By the 60th Round, the $SLT Price in $ALT will be 0.218.
  • Full Bonding Rounds $SLT Price and Rounds Limit Details Link


$SLT will first launch on the Aptos Chain using AptosLaunch’s IBO launchpad solution, so users can:

  • Use their $ALT, $tALT, to bond in for $SLT, the launchpad token for the Sui Ecosystem
  • Enjoy sufficient liquidity on the Aptos ecosystem using the $ALT/$SLT pair, since Sui is still a fairly new ecosystem and liquidity is immature.

Once the Sui Ecosystem develops, the AptosLaunch Team will build a bridge that will bridge the $SLT token back to the Sui native Chain.

First $SLT IBO Round Starts:

Date: 10th May 2023

Time: 0800 UTC


Once the contributed token value amount exceeds the corresponding round limit, the round terminates and moves on to the next round.


Token Name: SuiLaunch Token

Ticker: SLT

Max Supply: 300,000,000

Chain/Standard: Aptos Chain (Initial) and Sui Chain

Token type: Utility, Governance

Full tokenomics link

To sum it up and how $SLT benefits $ALT holders?

  • SuiLaunch is a new project that we are launching on our platform to provide more options for our community members to invest in.
  • The IBO will be starting with $ALT raising, and 50% of the token raised will be burned.
  • We understand that this may cause some concerns about the liquidity of $ALT, but we believe that it will ultimately benefit our community in the long term.
  • With this raise, the entire liquidity of $ALT is expected to reduce by 30%, and 15% will be completely burnt. This will help to stabilize the $ALT token price while allowing AptosLaunch to work on the current Sui projects.
  • As a launchpad, having a wide selection of projects is key to our success. Therefore, we are doing our best to keep this as an option for our community.
  • We believe that SuiLaunch will bring great benefits to our community members, and we hope that you will join us in supporting this new project.
  • We appreciate your continued support, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact that SuiLaunch will have on the Aptos ecosystem.

How is the price of $ALT & $SLT being impacted after 60 days of bonding?

1. The $ALT token price will increase by burning tokens

2. SLT will be launching an LP pool with ALT as well as USDT to lock the liquidity.

3. Providing incentive for our backers to diversify their portfolio.

4. Expand our arms to Sui Projects.

About AptosLaunch

AptosLaunch is the first decentralized launchpad on the Aptos Network. With Aptos building the safest and most scalable Layer 1 blockchain for the next billion users, AptosLaunch is engineered from the ground up to empower Aptos project owners (both Token & NFT), by offering a strategized token launch experience with customized launch model, time period, accepted token types and auction algorithms. AptosLaunch only succeeds if our launchpad projects succeed.





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