How to take part in the upcoming AptosLaunch IDO Public, OG/WL Round (100% unlocked)

4 min readNov 3, 2022


As you might already know, AptosLaunch is currently the largest launchpad on Aptos. Since launching in September 2022, we have quickly reached 60K+ Discord members, 60K+ followers on Twitter and consistently be one of the top communities on the Crew3 platform. We are excited of what lies ahead — we will continue to be the largest launchpad on Aptos. The goal is to maximize the chances success of quality Aptos projects.

That said, we recently completed our IDO Private Round on 29th October 2022 — here’s a quick recap:

  • 800K USD subscribed and 100% filled in just 36 hours
  • 3600+ Backers
  • 360+ Backers took advantage our proprietary Insurance feature.

The Private Round was without a doubt a success and a testament to our vibrant community, our team’s professionalism and the efficiency of the Aptos Chain itself. For more information on the IDO Private Round, you can have a look at

Now that’s done, it’s time we move on to the further rounds:

  1. IDO Public OG/WL Round (13th November 2022 UTC 15:00)
  2. IDO Public Round (17th November 2022 UTC 15:00)

Both of these rounds will be 100% tokens unlocked at TGE and will be the last chances you would be able to get $ALT at discount prices. So DYOR.

Here are the details of the tokenomics:

Timeline for IDO

IDO Public OG/WL Round

Date: UTC 15:00 13th November 2022

IDO Public Round

Date: UTC 15:00 17th November 2022

  • Available on APT — Aptos Chain
  • Open to everyone. First Come First Served.
  • Fair allocation (All users can buy up to $20)

The importance of Crew3 XP in AptosLaunch IDO OG/WL Round

As a reminder, by completing quests on our Crew3 you can gain XPs and XPs will be used for the allocation for our OG/WL round:

  • OG role = $50
  • Level 3 = $60
  • level 4 (Bronze Luncher Role) = $70
  • Level 5 = $80
  • Level 6 = $90
  • Level 7 (Silver Luncher Role) = $100
  • Level 8 = $110
  • Level 10 = $120
  • Level 12 XP = $130
  • Level 14 XP = $140
  • Level 15 (Gold Launcher Role) = $150

You can check your XP by login into the Crew3 platform.

How to know if I got whitelisted?

We will be conducting a AUTOMATIC Whitelist procedure to ensure fair opportunities for our fast-growing community. The whitelist will be published UTC 3:00 13th November 2022 for the IDO Public OG/Whitelist Round.

Tutorial of Buying IDO(APT)

Make sure you are on the Aptos (APT) Chain.

Available wallets:

Martian Wallet | Pontem Wallet | | Petra Wallet

Make sure you have enough APT.


Connect your individual wallet by clicking “Connect” at the top right corner​


Select the wallet you would like to connect with


Click “Approve if it is your first time coming to the website.


Select the project you would like to purchase, once you click​


You can decide whether you would like to buy the insurance (only on APT)

Toggle Right is “Getting Insurance”

Toggle Left is “NOT Getting Insurance”


Make sure you have enough APT

The amount you insert is APT Amount

Click “Invest button” once you confirm the amount​


Click “Approve” once you confirm the details​


There will be a popup message showing the txid and whether you successfully purchased​


  • Please note that this is only indicative, the based allocations will fully depend on the number of participants and can be very different from the one described in the example above.

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